2017 CCRMA Summer Workshops

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2017 CCRMA Summer Workshops

Romain Michon
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The 2017 CCRMA (Stanford Univeristy) summer workshops have been announced. Please, find the detailed schedule below.

or by contacting Nette Worthey ([hidden email]).

We look forward to see you there!



6/19 - 6/23  Mobile Synth I - Mobile App Development for Sound Synthesis and Processing in Faust: Romain Michon
6/19 - 6/23  Virtual Analog Models of Audio Circuitry: François Germain, Kurt Werner
6/26 - 6/30  Mobile Synth II - 3D Printing and Musical Interface Design for Smartphone Augmentation: Romain Michon and John Granzow
6/26 - 6/30  Programming Max/MSP: Structuring Interactive Software for Digital Arts: Matthew Wright, Christopher Jette
7/3 - 7/7     Algorithmic Composition with Max/MSP and Open Music: Andrew Watts, Davor Vincze
7/10 - 7/14 Electronic Arts Ensemble: Constantin Basica, Alex Chechile
7/24 - 7/28 Music Information Retrieval: Steve Tjoa and Jeff Scott, Gracenote
7/31 - 8/4  Deep Learning for Music Information Retrieval: Irán Román
8/7 - 8/11  Formalized Score Control: Using Python and Abjad in Music Composition: Jeff Treviño, Trevor Bača and Josiah Wolf Oberholtzer
8/13 -  8/17 SuperCollider: Fernando Lopez-Lezcano and Bruno Ruviaro 
8/21 - 8/25  Designing Musical Games: Gaming Musical Design: Rob Hamilton and Chris Platz
TO BE SCHEDULED: Perceptual Audio Coding: Marina Bosi, Richard Goldberg

Romain Michon
PhD Candidate
Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics
Stanford University

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