A new year, a fresh start

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A new year, a fresh start

Jeremy Jongepier-2
Dear all,

First of all a happy 2020 (even though it's way past Epiphany)! So
what's the fresh start about? Well, registration of the linuxaudio.org
domain has been handed over to yours truly so if you need any DNS
changes regarding any linuxaudio.org subdomains then I can take care of
that now directly. Thanks Daniel James of 64 Studio for taking care of
the domain for so long!
Other part of the fresh start is that I migrated the web server to a new
cloud region which is faster and more performant. I just changed all the
DNS records so if you spot anything weird that just worked before then
please let me know! The mail server will follow this weekend so if mail
seems a bit flaky the coming weekend then you know what might cause it.

Best regards,

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