ANN: First official public release of L2Ork Tweeter is now available for download

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ANN: First official public release of L2Ork Tweeter is now available for download

Ivica Ico Bukvic

Fellow computer music enthusiasts,

Please pardon the x-posting:

On behalf of the Virginia Tech Linux Laptop Orchestra, I am pleased to announce the first official public release of the L2Ork Tweeter.

What is L2Ork Tweeter?
L2Ork Tweeter is a free and open source program inspired by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic that has required a vast majority of the human population to practice prolonged social distancing. It is designed to bring communities together by empowering users around the world to engage in collaborative music making even over slow internet connections. It also facilitates the exploration of audio synthesis and the rich variety of sounds one can generate using the frequency modulation algorithm. It supports up to ten concurrent performers and as many additional guests or audience members as the server bandwidth allows who can observe a performance live over the internet. Each user is given an instrument with a tracker that can be populated by up to 64 loop-enabled keystrokes or notes. This intentional constraint requires users to build complexity through interaction with other users. It is in part inspired by the popular social media platform Twitter that imposes a similar design constraint of allowing only up to 280 characters per Tweet. As a result, and as evidenced by its name, L2Ork Tweeter can be seen as a musical counterpart to Twitter.

To learn more about L2Ork Tweeter, including a quick start guide and a detailed feature overview check out the following video:

To download L2Ork Tweeter head to:

Thank you for your consideration. Hope you all are safe and well.




Ivica Ico Bukvic, D.M.A.
Director, Creativity + Innovation
Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology

Virginia Tech
Creative Technologies in Music
School of Performing Arts – 0141
Blacksburg, VA 24061
(540) 231-6139
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