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[ANN] Radium 4.4.4

Kjetil Matheussen-2
Radium is a vertical music editor. Radium is inspired by trackers, but uses more graphics to show musical data. Radium also supports MIDI sequencing and hard disk recording.

Radium has features like smooth scrolling, zooming, automation, piano roll, embedded Pure Data (Pd), and embedded Faust.

Screenshot of the new mixer interface added since last announcement:
(somewhat inspired by the mixer in Ardour)

A new classic 8 bit 4 channel tracker module played in Radium:

Demonstration video by Tobias Lutzenkirchen showing some

Demonstration video showing developing Faust programs inside Radium:

Changes between 4.3.0 and 4.4.4:
* A new and more traditional mixer, in addition to the already existing modular mixer.
* Optionally show mixer strip of current instrument in the left or right part of the main window.
* By default, record audio files into a sub directory of the song file.
* Fix Ctrl key on OS X. Don't use Cmd to slow down mouse movement.
* Fix high CPU usage when using an Intel GFX driver and the Radium window is not visible.
* Linux: Fix running Radium if the full path contains space.
* Show message during startup if there are errors in the keyboard configuration.
* Scale UI better when changing system font size.
* Sequencer improvements:
  * Several UI improvements.
  * Improved graphics.
  * Optional smooth scrolling.
  * Support automations.
* Fix import Fasttracker modules.
* Exclusively select mute/solo/bypass when ctrl-clicking.
* Draw colored border around mute buttons when an instrument is implicitly muted.
* Add portamento effect to the sampler.
* Options to quickly select a random sample file.
* 282 other smaller bug fixes and new features.

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