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[ANN] jack_capture 0.9.72

Kjetil Matheussen-2
jack_capture is a program for recording soundfiles with jack.

The default operation of the program is executed by writing "jack_capture"
in the terminal without any extra command line options:

   $ jack_capture

...which will record what you hear in your loudspeakers
into a stereo wav file. But it has lots of other features as well.

Changes 0.9.71 -> 0.9.72:
 * Print warning in case user overwrites existing file.
 * Use execvp, not execv. Also print strerror() if execvp failed. Fix for time machine mode.
 * Support OSX (Luciano Iammarino)
 * Some tsan fixes
 * replace static .wav suffix with correct soundfile_format (Sebastian Reimers)
 * Silence unused parameter warnings from gcc 4.8
 * Warn about unable to set SCHED_OTHER process using setpriority(), not a SCHED_FIFO process
 * Compilation patches from debian

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