Aeolus text mode segfaults reproducibly

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Aeolus text mode segfaults reproducibly

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
I have had issues with Aeolus for a while now, but always let it go due to
other priorities.

Having attacked it again, I find that this problem persists both in the
installed package from Arch Linux, version 0.9.7 and a freshly downloaded and
compiled tarball from kokkinizita.

It seems that Aeolus segfaults the moment that it calls rl_initialize, gdb
giving a point in libncursesw as the last stack frame before shutdown.

I don't understand the problem since all other programs running with ncursesw
and/or readline alone work perfectly.

I'd be glad for any pointers to further investigation or even straight

Thanks and best wishes,


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