Automated Music Mix Enhancement?

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Automated Music Mix Enhancement?


let me start by saying that "learn how to do it properly" is always a
good idea.  That said:

I am looking for programs, scripts, toolchains, command-line pipes etc.
that one can use with a finished music project to further shape the

A quick google search shows many online services that offer "instant
mastering".  Also EQ-Presets from the last decades come to mind,  
noise-removal filters and simple plain old normalisation to get the
volume up.

I am interested to gather all our collective knowledge on that to get
some more or less automated, or at least very quick and efficient,
options to quickly make a music file better. There are plenty of good
reasons: It could be a work in progress where you want to create a low
effort preview to send to a friend.  Maybe a real lack of
mixing/mastering experience and subsequently a way to get some audible
ideas. Or a plain "I normally only click export in Ardour and release,
everything more would be an improvement".

I think programs could do a reasonable job at analyzing a piece of music
and deciding what to change. Even without Deep Learning or A.I.s. Or
with them.

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