DrumGizmo v0.9.14 (LAC2017 version) released

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DrumGizmo v0.9.14 (LAC2017 version) released

Bent Bisballe Nyeng
DrumGizmo version 0.9.14 now available!

Get it at http://www.drumgizmo.org/

DrumGizmo is an open source, multichannel, multilayered, cross-platform
drum plugin and stand-alone application. It enables you to compose drums
in midi and mix them with a multichannel approach. It is comparable to
that of mixing a real drumkit that has been recorded with a multimic setup.

This is a bugfix release fixing a lot of bugs as reported from our last
release 0.9.13[1] which was the first drumgizmo version ever supporting
The release bears the version number 0.9.14 and can, as always, be
downloaded here[2].

For the full list of changes, check the roadmap for 0.9.14[3].

The release of 0.9.14 is also known as "LAC2017 here we come!"

As is a bit of a tradition for the DrumGizmo team (and many other fine
open source projects), we have prepared a special release for the
upcoming Linux Audio Conference[4]. This year the conference takes place
in Saint-Etienne, France from May 18-21 2017. And we'll be showing up!
So be sure to take note of “The cool guys with the drumsticks”. You
might just secure yourself one with a nice DG logo on it done with the
custom made lasercutter of Open Space Aarhus[5].

See you at LAC! :)

[2]: http://www.drumgizmo.org/wiki/doku.php?id=getting_drumgizmo
[4]: http://lac.linuxaudio.org/2017
[5]: http://osaa.dk

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