FFADO version 2.4.3 released

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FFADO version 2.4.3 released

Jonathan Woithe-2
The FFADO project is pleased to make FFADO version 2.4.3 available.  This is
a bug-fix release to address some minor problems which have been noted in
version 2.4.2.

 * Profire-610: support line outs controlled with the master volume.  Thanks
   to Donny Yang.

 * ffado-mixer: removed unnecessary import. Thanks to David Runge.

 * ffado-mixer: make compatible with Python 3.8. Thanks to David Runge.

 * ffado-mixer: locking fix.  Thanks to Claudia Krelm for testing efforts
   which lead to a solution.

FFADO version 2.4.3 is available as a tarball:


  (on behalf of the FFADO project)
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