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De : Romain Michon <[hidden email]>
Date: mer. 30 oct. 2019 à 16:16
Subject: [Faudiostream-users] Forum Acusticum 2020: Special Session on Hybrid Acoustical and Digital Musical Instruments
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Dear Colleagues,

We are organizing a special session on Hybrid Acoustical and Digital Musical Instruments at the next European Acoustics Meeting (Forum Acusticumhttps://fa2020.universite-lyon.fr/) which will take place in Lyon (France) on April 20-24, 2020:


Summary of the Session
Nowadays, physical modeling, increasingly light and powerful embedded systems, as well as new digital fabrication techniques and sensor technologies allow us to approach lutherie and musical instrument design in a completely hybrid way. Digital 3D models can serve both as the source for a sound synthesizer thanks to physical modeling techniques (i.e., finite difference scheme, etc.) and can be "materialized" with 3D printing, blurring the boundary between the physical/acoustical and the virtual/digital worlds. Embedded systems based on an expending range of architectures such as microcontrollers, GPUs, FPGAs, microprocessors, etc. play an important role in this context by providing extended computational power to run complex models and by offering the possibility to make hybrid instruments more portable and standalone. Dedicated tools and platforms - both hardware (e.g., Bela, Owl, smartdevices, etc.) and software (e.g., Faust, Kronos, Soul, etc.) - have been developed in recent years to facilitate the design of such instruments. This adds up to the wide range of new sensor technologies and specialized commercial interfaces (e.g., Sensel Morph, ROLI Seaboard, LinnStrument, etc.) that have been created in recent years in this field.

In this special session on "Hybrid Acoustical and Digital Musical Instruments," we invite paper submissions on the following topics (not limiting):

- Programming languages for computer music and real-time signal processing
- Digital sound synthesis and processing
- Physical modeling of musical instruments
- Hardware and embedded platforms for real time DSP
- Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
- New Interfaces for Musical Expression
- New sensor technologies
- Digital fabrication for lutherie and acoustics
- Mobile music


Abstracts can be submitted to the following address: https://fa2020.universite-lyon.fr/fa2020/english-version/navigation/abstract-submission/ until Dec. 1, 2019

We look forward to see you in Lyon this Spring!


Romain Michon and Yann Orlarey
Lyon, France
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