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It's the final (Sonoj) countdown! - live feed with chat - donations

Sonoj Convention
The end is near! Fortunately only the end of our preparations.

Only four days left until this year's Sonoj Convention. 

For the spontaneous among you there is still an opportunity to sign up
and visit. Just enter your name on .

Considering the many mails you've received so far, it can be assumed
that you're currently in Antarctica and therefore can't actually

Therefore now for the last time (this year):

Please help us finance our non-profit event by donating an amount of
your choice. We accept bank transfers and PayPal:

And finally I would be happy to see you during the two days in our video
stream. There will be a chat this year (it already exists), so you can
ask questions and comment.

The stream is on the Sonoj page, or here:

Best regards,

Sonoj Convention
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