KX Studio Carla - which version or how to install

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KX Studio Carla - which version or how to install

I'm looking for clear install instructions for Carla, with its Win VST bridge.

Tracktion Waveform comes with few instrumental sounds (only "Collective", I believe) so I
hope to use KXStudio's Carla to enable the use of Win VST instruments.  

Waveform 11.1 on Ubuntu 18.04 64bit, my CPU is Intel i5.

Here a demo of Carla running a Win VST or plugin, is quite persuasive,  

On installing Carla on Ubuntu, one query and recommendation is here,

KXStudio says first enable its repositories. So I've done that,

Carla pre-compiled binaries and zipped source code to compile, are here,

Carla github install.md is here, perhaps this can make and install everything,

But here is what I don't understand, the 4 Carla variants listed;
carla, carla-bridge-win, carla-git, carla-vst-wine

Presently it looks like 'sudo apt install carla-git' is the 1st to try.
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