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Kudos tothe LiSP Gang

Jostein Chr. Andersen

I want to give some thumbs up to the LiSP (Linux Show Player) gang! The
weird thing is that I don't know how overdue this is. I asked them on
this list some years ago if the program supported multi-channel or
multi-tracks, the answer that time was no, so I gave it up.

But today, I checked again. I downloaded the AppImage, made a
multichannel FLAC file and voila: -It worked!  Now, the artist can have
his/her own backing track (with count ins, pilot tones, etc) and the
audience another one. Great!

So..  Thank you LiSP!  :-)

It's other people to thank as well, giants such as Fons Adriansen, Paul
Davis, Rui Nuno Capela, Hermann Meyer, Dave Phillips, and countless
others (already starting to regret the name dropping). I think I'm gonna
sit down and send good thoughts to all of you (no money - I'm broke) and
I'm so grateful for what you have done and are doing. Big thanks to you
too, you have made my life as a Pragmatic Open Source Fanatic easier and
easier for every year!  <3

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