MOD Devices launches crowd investment campaign

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MOD Devices launches crowd investment campaign

Gianfranco Ceccolini-3
Dear Linux Audio users and developers

I am very proud to announce that MOD Devices is launching its first crowd-investment campaign at as part of our 3rd fundraising round. Early-bird special conditions are available until Friday, November 1st, 12h (Central European Time).

The direct link to the campaign is here:

It is an important step to a company that has its roots in Linux Audio. With the launch of the crowd investment campaign, MOD Devices broadens the reach of the business itself to a wider audience, enabling the community to also participate in the profits of the endeavour, diminishing thus the separation between users and company.

Numbers wise, minimum investments on a traditional fundraising scheme orbit around 25.000€. The crowd investment scheme drastically reduces this minimum amount to 250€, making it accessible to a greater number of private individuals. 

Also, due to the nature of crowd based initiatives, there is a higher level of transparency and due-diligence involved which, just like open source software, is very healthy for all stakeholders.

Questions can be sent to us at [hidden email] or directly at the Seedmatch campaign page.

Best wishes

Gianfranco Ceccolini - Founder & CEO
+49 160 646 9313
[hidden email]

MOD Devices
Revalerstr. 99
10245 - Berlin

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