Matthias Kronlachner ambiX & mcfx plugins

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Matthias Kronlachner ambiX & mcfx plugins

baptiste chatel
Hi list !
This is my first message here.
I am currently trying to set up a live ambisonics mixing desk equivalent with Pure Data and [vstplugin~] object.
Most of the work is done with the IEM suite and some SPARTA plugins, but i'd like to evaluate all the plugins i can.
I tried to compile Matthias Kronlachner ambiX and mcfx plugins but failed miserably, mostly due to GCC 9.1 incompatibilities.

Does anybody have both ambiX and/or mcfx compiled for Ubuntu 20.04 x86_64 ? I'd prefer VST version for the sake of consistency but LV2 would be ok too, i guess.

Thanks !

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