Mixing two (Faust) mono signals together

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Mixing two (Faust) mono signals together

Yassin Philip-2

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to mix two sources : A noise, and the output of a FAUST instrument ; I have been following the "One voice mixer" tutorial :

gate = button("gate"); // 0/1

env = gate : hgroup("Noise Env", adsr(a, d, s, r));

noize = env * noise;

kick = additiveDrum(freq,ratio,gain,5,attack,release,gate);

mute1 = *(1-checkbox("Mute1"));

mute2 = *(1-checkbox("Mute2"));

amplify1 = *(hslider("Gain1", 0.5,0,1,0.01));

amplify2 = *(hslider("Gain2", 0.5,0,1,0.01));

pano1 = _ <: *(p1),*(1-p1)

with {

p1 = nentry("[1]Pano1[style:knob]",0.5,0,1,0.1);


pano2 = _ <: *(p2),*(1-p2)

with {

p2 = nentry("[2]Pano2[style:knob]",0.5,0,1,0.1);


process = hgroup("Noize", noize : mute1 : amplify1 ),hgroup("Kick", kick : mute2 : amplify2);

The above code is "Faust code OK" in FaustWorks ; This is really prototype code, I purposely duplicated stuff to be dead sure that I'm using separate objects, please forget its crudeness anyway, here is the diagram :

It really looks like we should hear both sources together, right? Wrong :( See if I leave only one of them two, say "hgroup("Noize", noize : mute1 : amplify1)" alone, then I can hear it, same for "hgroup("Kick", kick : mute2 : amplify2)" :(

I tried everything, like mixing them down to simple stereo (:>_,_) or using various blocks and combinations, no-way, I'm really missing something... What?

Thank you for your patience, Faust is fantastic BTW


Yassin Philip      New album NOW

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