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Muse Receptor 1.0 Rev C

Josh Lawrence-2

First of all, I apologize for the somewhat off-topic post, but I wasn't sure who else to go to (Muse is no longer in business).

I recently purchased a Receptor 1.0 Rev C (S/N C07090100005) from a friend.  I work as a Linux systems administrator in my day job, so I have knowledge of the Linux operating system.  My goal was to purchase the Receptor and see if I could repurpose it somehow.  I have a few questions:

The power supply does not support SATA hard drives... I can live with the one that's there, but I would like to upgrade it.  I've seen some talk on the KVR site about this, but wanted to find out if amd pf you have a power supply model that you recommend as a drop-in replacement.

Getting rid of the OS that's on there and installing, say, Debian, seems completely doable with the exception of the knobs and buttons.  I wish to have those buttons and knobs mapped to primary functions in whatever app I choose to run.  I've looked around the file system to see what might be handling front-panel events (kernel driver plus something?), but nothing jumped out.  Any clues where I should look?  There's also the matter of the desplay, but I feel like there's a lot of materal online on making these work, so I'll hold off asking about it here.

My overall goal is to make a generic box that can do recording and keyboard rack duties using 100% Linux software, both for the learning experience and the musical benefits.  Any help you're willing to give would be very much appreciated!
Thank you,

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