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[Music] Albatross EP #musicmadewithlinux

Luka Prinčič (Nova deViator)

hi all,

I just released an EP with 7 electronic tracks on Bandcamp.

It was made in Renoise on Ubuntu Linux with some help from CALF
plugins (mainly Analyser) in mixing process. Mastering was done

There are some liner notes to read on BC page if you want, but in
essence it's a mixture of futurebeats and piano music :). Well, maybe
some more breakbeat and bass music there too. All instrumentals.

I plan to release Renoise modules as open source too.

You are very welcome to leave a tip on BandCamp (name-your-price) or
join my Patreon (every single $ means a huge thumbs up!) if you want to
support more of this kind of work.

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/posts/albatross-ep-13558676
BandCamp: http://music.lukaprincic.si/album/albatross-ep

As usual, music is released as free cultural work under Creative
Commons Attribution Share-Alike licence.

Also available on most digital outlets, if that's more convenient for

Happy to hear any comments or answer questions.

Luka (aka Nova deViator)

Luka Prinčič / + 386-40-66-77-98 / http://lukaprincic.si /
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