[Music] Silver (my entry into this year's Nexus challenge)

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[Music] Silver (my entry into this year's Nexus challenge)

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
Silver was my entry into this year's Nexus open source music challenge
I am happy to say that it came in second. :)

This year's rules said that we were supposed to compose a song in the style of
another song or a musicain. I chose Imogen Heap and hope that I maybe caught
it tangentially. :)

This song is licensed under the Creative Commons NonDerivative 4.0 license.

Silver was recorded using Yoshimi, Csound and LinuxSampler as sound engines,
Midish for tracking and Nama for recording the audio, mixing and "mastering".

Feedback is welcome. To spare you one bother: I know that my vocals are
substandard. :(

Best wishes and enjoy all the same,


  * Website: http://juliencoder.de - for summer is a state of sound
  * Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMS4rfGrTwz8W7jhC1Jnv7g
  * SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/jeanette_c
  * Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeanette_c_s
  * Audiobombs: https://www.audiobombs.com/users/jeanette_c
  * GitHub: https://github.com/jeanette-c

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We have never been before... <3
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