[Music] binaural 3D: The Cylinders and the Spheres

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[Music] binaural 3D: The Cylinders and the Spheres

Jeanette C.
Hey hey,
this is another Csound composition, a virtual scene:
Youshould listen on headphones and, if possible, keep rather still. :)

The image that I tried to build is of a large hall, where the listener hangs
in the air at the centre of a sphere constructed of metal balls connected by
wires. At the front wall there stands a group of wooden pipes or huge
clarinets that, after a while, begin a procession around the listener.
Occasionally they fire a kind of table tennis ball like fireworks. Along the
side walls there are metal bars, applauding the pipes.

On the other hand, you might just hear it as an abstract composition or
whatever suites you. For the eternally curious there is the full Csound source
code available, everything is synthesized, no samples have been harmed in this

Enjoy and best wishes,


  * Website: http://juliencoder.de - for summer is a state of sound
  * Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMS4rfGrTwz8W7jhC1Jnv7g
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