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New AMB plugins

Fons Adriaensen-3
Hello all,

Two new sets of AMB plugins are available at


   First order panners, Z-axis rotation, and dominance.


    Third order panners, Z-axis rotation, converters for SN3D to/from
    N3D and FuMa.

See the README for details.

All of them now use the 'Ambix' format and gains (except of course
the convertors at the non-SN3D side).

Ambix format uses ACN channel order, as does Ambdec. So e.g. Ardour
master outputs will be in the same order as Ambdec inputs, but channel
numbers are offset by 1, for example:

Ardour master    Ambdec input
    1              in.0          (W)
    2              in.1          (Y)
    3              in.2          (Z)
    4              in.3          (X)

If you use these with Ambdec, don't forget to check the 'Input scaling'
in the configuration dialog. This should be set to 'SN3D'. If necessary,
change, apply and optionally save the preset.


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