OpenAV Release Spree, Dec 2016

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OpenAV Release Spree, Dec 2016

Harry van Haaren
Hey All!

OpenAV has just pushed releases for Luppp, ArtyFX, Fabla, and Sorcer!
Release Video:

But what's more, there's now an OpenAV Manual: detailed and useful information
about all of the OpenAV projects, and what features they can do for you:

Short changelogs:

- JACK FX Sends per track
- Fixes for most (all? ;) known bugs, including:
-- timing issues with clips drifing out of sync fixed
-- audio fader volume not totally silencing output fixed
- More controller scripts: Launchpad S, APC Mini, APCKey 25
- UI improvements

- 1st release based on AVTK
- New look-and-feel, same awesome DSP / presets
- No longer depends on NTK
- Documentation at

- Look and feel upgrade for consistency

- Look and feel for consistency
In all - quite a lot of changes! Releases available from the OpenAV
Github project page:
Packagers, on-your-marks, get-set, take it easy for the holidays,
but package in the new year if you want to :)

Special shout out to Gerald Mwangi (JimsonDrift) and George Krause
for thier pull-requests and contributions to OpenAV!

Happy holidays & new year ya'll :)
Cheers, -Harry from OpenAV

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