Organnery offers new life for electronic pipe organs

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Organnery offers new life for electronic pipe organs

Daniel James-2
Organnery retro-fits existing keyboards, pedals and stops to work with
the open source classical organ modelling software Aeolus, created by
Fons Adriaensen. Aeolus is a software synthesiser optimised for this
task, with hundreds of potential controls for each stop that enable the
organ builder to voice unique instruments.

The best parts of an existing organ, such as the woodwork and the
physical controls the organist is used to, can be retained and
integrated into a new Organnery instrument. Alternatively, a complete
instrument can be built from scratch using standard MIDI keyboards and
pedals, for installation in a house of worship or for practice at home.

Organists can use a touchscreen display to control the Aeolus software,
or the system can be hidden inside the console so that only traditional
stops and pistons are visible. Unlike a PC-based organ emulator or
sampler, the Organnery hardware has no moving parts or cooling fans.

The Organnery software is a customised Debian GNU/Linux image for ARM
processors, including the Aeolus synthesiser and the programs it
requires to run as a dedicated system. This software was prepared in
partnership with Audiotronic by 64 Studio.

The Raspberry Pi has been chosen as the initial CPU board for Organnery
because of its great development community, affordable price and
worldwide availability. Organnery can use any class-compliant USB sound
card, and specialised I2S sound cards designed for the Raspberry Pi can
also be used.

A demonstration video is available at and personal
demonstrations are available on request at the Audiotronic workshop in
Bordeaux. Pipe organ builders and MIDI hardware engineers who are
interested in forming a network of certified Organnery technicians are
invited to make contact with Raphaël Mouneyres <[hidden email]>
or by phone +33 557 916 211.

Rue des Terres Neuves
Batiment 19
33130 Bègles
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