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Kjetil S. Matheussen


> Subject: [linux-audio-user] vst: emulate mac intead of win?
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> Hi!
> Probably one more stupid idea from me, but here it is:
> Does someone already try to run a vst plugin under linux through a mac's
> emulation instead of a windows one? May be it could give less problems
> than the wine install... Well I write this because a friend install a
> mac emulator and told me it works really good! (but he didn't use it for
> audio purpose)
> I don't have any knowlege about emulation, but if mac's stuff is based
> on unix, then it might easier for vst in linux?

Well, probably not. Wine is not an emulator, but a windows api
implementation for unix. Doing an emulation to run vst plugins would
probably make things a bazillion times harder than it already is, not
to speak about the loss of performance.