The Pac-u-lator: A "mach" object ;-)

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The Pac-u-lator: A "mach" object ;-)

Kevin Cole

While not strictly Linux or "audio", I have a project that MAY
interest some folks here: For gainful employment, I'm involved with a
research project that uses the Pacarana sound engine from Symbolic
Sound.  It comes with a proprietary application, Kyma (pronounced
"kee-ma"), which uses drag 'n' drop "patch bay" and a variant of
Smalltalk which Symbolic Sound has named "Capytalk".  But the box also
understands OSC.

However, my access to the box is limited. So, in order to test out my
code I've built an ... emulator isn't quite the word... mock object, I
guess, to acknowledge my OSC messages with appropriate responses (but
no audio) when I'm not in the same room as the Pacarana.  The code is
written in Python 3 and lives out on:

Right now the CLI stuff works well enough for my purposes, and there's
the rudiments of a GUI reproduction of Kyma's Virtual Control Surface
(VCS). The GUI portion requires PySide which requires Qt. Also, it
advertises itself via mDNS / Bonjour / Zeroconf / avahi. It lives in
the newer pipenv virtual environment.

I'm both proud of it and embarrassed by it. ;-)
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