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Xmonk.lv2 a little sound generator

Hermann Meyer
I like to announce the release for Xmonk.lv2 version 0.2

Xmonk is a sound generator based on the Faust `SFFormantModelBP` from
physmodels.lib by Mike Olsen.

It's a monophonic formant/vocal synthesizer.

The source isĀ  a sawtooth wave and the "filter" is a bank of resonant
bandpass filters.

Xmonk provide a interface to drive the filter/synthesizer via mouse

Additional Xmonk provide a midi in port to drive it with any midi

On top Xmonk provide a virtual keyboard to drive it with your PC
keyboard/mouse combination.

Surely you could use your DAW automation to drive it the way you want.

Xmonk could play in two different modes, on is the usual note on/off,
the other is sustain, means the last note play forever, while you play
with the vowel filter settings.

Xmonk could be used with a free scaled temperament, or as selected with
Equal Tempered scales from 12 to 53.

Here you get it:



So, have some fun with it,

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