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Yoshimi V 1.6.1

Will Godfrey
Now out!

For ALSA MIDI there is a search mode where Yoshimi will connect to every
readable source it can find.

There has been a correction to Scales note and frequency allocation terminology.

The mixer panel format can now be changed from Yoshimi->Settings.

The CLI has additional controls, particularly in banks and roots management.

Other stuff.

We've had to do an update to allow for the change in the MXML API.

Dots and dashes in grids are now solid lines. They render much faster.

Session/State/Config managment is now unified. More system settings can be
changed by these files as Yoshimi instances start.

The Advanced User Manual has been significantly updated.

More details on all of these are in /doc/Yoshimi_1.6.1_features.txt

Yoshimi source code is available from either:

Full build instructions are in 'INSTALL'.

Our list archive is at:
To post, email to:
[hidden email]

Will J Godfrey
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