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Zrythm 0.7.002

Alexandros Theodotou
Zrythm 0.7.002 has been released.

Zrythm is a digital audio workstation designed to be
featureful and easy to use. It allows limitless
automation, supports LV2 plugins, works with the JACK
audio backend, provides chord assistance, is free
software and can be used in English, French,
Portuguese, Japanese and German.

[Highlights since last announcement]
- All timeline events are Regions so they can be looped
- Anywhere to anywhere port connections
- Option to expose any port to JACK
- Export to MIDI or audio in multiple formats
- Track visibility panel
- Ability to move/copy tracks by clicking and dragging
- MIDI buses/groups
- Adaptive grid
- Saving and loading with Auto-Save functionality
- Project templates
- Resize or resize-loop Regions
- Many bugfixes and optimizations
- Drag and drop audio files from any file browser
- Audio/MIDI recording
- Multiple lanes per track with optional MIDI channel
- Most actions are undoable
- Playback latency compensation

Full Changelog:

This latest version of Zrythm is the most stable Zrythm
has ever been, and feature-wise it is usable as a simple
DAW. Our focus at the moment is stability and fixing
bugs, and we are calling for testers to help us identify
those bugs and provide feedback.

The issue tracker can be found below

For screenshots and more info, visit

Interested developers are also welcome to join the
project. Zrythm's basic structure is mostly already
implemented so it is easier than ever to contribute.

Send mail below if you are interested in joining
[hidden email] (developer mailing list)
[hidden email] (user mailing list)

- Some of the features above are WIP
- Zrythm will crash often

Linux-audio-announce mailing list
[hidden email]

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