ZynAddSubFX 3.0.4 - The "Calamine" Release

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ZynAddSubFX 3.0.4 - The "Calamine" Release

Mark D. McCurry
ZynAddSubFX 3.0.4 - The “Calamine” Release
March 10th 2019

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to announce the 3.0.4 release of ZynAddSubFX. This release
features a number of user interface visual refinements, the LFO random
mode, as well as improved parameter resolution for two add synth volume
parameters. Additionally for packagers, this release is now compatible
with the new MXML 3.0 library API.

For those using the gumroad builds, those should be up in the next few
days. Windows users should be mindful that since 3.0.3, there appears to
be a regression in the startup of the standalone GUI. So, if there are
issues there, it may be best to use the plugin version or 3.0.3 version
until that’s fixed. If there’s anyone building for that platform who’s
interested in tracing the root cause of that issue, let us know.

Changelog highlights:
- Add scripting to zyn-fusion UI for automated screen capture
- Add double click to reset sliders
- Add random LFO mode
- Add compatibility with MXML 3.0
- Enhance modulation volume parameter resolution
- Enhance global volume parameter resolution
- Enhance state variable filter interpolation
- General UI Cleaning
- Fix pops with note aftertouch
- Fix pad synth export
- Fix envelope watchpoint visualization
- Fix .xlz load/save in fusion UI

And here’s the contribution score card by number of commits since 3.0.3:
53 Patrick Desaulniers
28 fundamental
25 Daniel Sheeler
21 Johannes Lorenz
12 Hans Petter Selasky
10 Robin Gareus
4 Olivier Humbert
2 Joseph Herlant
2 michiboo
2 nick87720z
1 Friedolino
1 Nikita Zlobin

For anyone interested in seeing what new things to expect in Zyn over
the next year, I’d recommend taking a look at the zynaddsubfx-user
mailing list where students are actively discussing their ideas for this
year’s Google Summer of Code. This is Zyn’s first involvement as a
mentoring organization and there should be some interesting projects as
a result.

Now go make some noise!
--Team Zyn.

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