ZynAddSubFX 3.0.5 - “The Butterfly Effect” Release

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ZynAddSubFX 3.0.5 - “The Butterfly Effect” Release

Spencer Jackson

ZynAddSubFX 3.0.5 - “The Butterfly Effect” Release

15 April 2019

The Zyn team is excited to announce the first of our regular quarterly releases. Our usual inclination is to try to get all the bugs fixed and do a release, but using a scheduled release model will force us to deliver the fixes that are ready sooner rather than waiting for some unrelated feature or fix. Of course this doesn’t prevent us from releasing in between the scheduled releases, but this gives you something to look forward to four times a year.

Despite being “just” a scheduled release there are some great improvements here for our favorite synth, including making LFOs and volumes work with real-world units (like Hz, seconds, decibels) allowing for laser-beam accuracy in your sound design. Of course, you can always still tune it by ear too!

Here’s the full changelog:

- Add Stereo peaks for individual part metering

       - Change LFO frequency units to Hz (from unitless)

       - Enhance LFO delay parameter resolution and units (seconds)

       - Enhance global volume parameter resolution and units (dB)

       - Enhance part volume parameter resolution and units (dB)

       - Enhance sub synth volume parameter resolution and units (dB)

       - Enhance sub synth volume velocity sensing resolution

       - Fix zippering when changing master volume

       - Fix misaligned points in live envelope values

       - Fix possible crash when envelopes are provided invalid live data

- Fix minor bugs

And here’s the contribution score card by number of commits since 3.0.4: (576f1371b4)

    34 Daniel Sheeler

     4 michiboo

     3 Olivier Humbert

     2 fundamental

     1 withoutwaxaryan

     1 Andreas Müller

    1 Patrick Desaulniers

    1 Micky

We hope you enjoy this and all our subsequent scheduled releases. It can be found in all the usual places (see below).

Now go make some noise!

--Team Zyn.

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