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[acma-l] "Mosca v0.3" SuperCollider quark released

Iain Mott-2
Dear list,

I'd like to announce the release of a new and greatly improved version
of the SuperCollider "Mosca" quark for three-dimensional sound
spatialisation. The notes for the release are as follows:

"Revised SuperCollider quark for three-dimensional sound spatialisation,
with recent developments featuring the work of Thibaud Keller from
SCRIME, University of Bordeaux. Mosca includes multiple spatialisation
libraries assignable on a per-source basis, banks of RIRs for both
'close' and 'distant' convolution reverberation (again on a per-source
basis), support for higher-order ambisonic signals and sound files,
improved GUI, OSC interface for the intermedia sequencer OSSIA/score and
many other improvements and optimisations."

Once the quark is installed, documentation found in the help file for
the Mosca. On the help page, see the link for the "Guide to Mosca" for
full documentation.

The source code is located here: https://github.com/escuta/mosca

Also available is the paper "Three-dimensional sound design with Mosca"
that Thibaud and I presented at a conference last year:

Please let us know if you use Mosca in any projects!

All the best,

Iain Mott

Iain Mott
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