io GNU/Linux 2017.02 out :)

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io GNU/Linux 2017.02 out :)

Manu Kebab
Hi all,

New images are ready for testing (amd64, i386)  ;)

io GNU/Linux is a Live DVD/USB based on Debian Sid and focused on multimedia.

-> Kernel 4.9.13 and 4.9.13-rt, Jack2+PulseAudio as default sound server (can
be easily changed to Jack2+AlsaLoop, Jack2+ZitaBridge, PulseAudio or Alsa)
-> Enlightenment (e21) as desktop environment and a big collection of
installed software... Full persistence for USB install (with encryption) and
more stuff...

For more infos: manual, packages list, screenshots, video etc... Visit:


Feedbacks welcome, enjoy  :)


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